"Burial Grounds in Northeast Scotland"

This website was created around 10 years ago using a programming resource called the GoogleMaps API
which allowed website designers to overlay map and satellite images with clickable markers which linked into
additional data sets. This resource was originally made available free of cost, but Google now want to levy a charge
on websites using the system.

As a result, the "Burial Grounds" site, while still free of charge to users, now appears overlaid with various
warnings - but, in fact, most of the basic features are still there: you can zoom and scroll the map, and click on the
links as before, to bring up details of each burial ground.

However, the background map now shows only basic geographical data, with no option to switch to a satellite view.

We are currently looking at a number of possible altenative ways of restoring a user-friendly map-based interface to the
"Burial Ground" data, but in the mean time, you can continue to use the original site with the above limitations .