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The parish of Rothes is nowadays reckoned as belonging to Moray, and the main article about it will therefore be found among the GENUKI Moray pages. However, before the major re-alignment of parish and county boundaries which came into effect on 1st May 1891, the parish belonged in part to Banffshire. The remaining articles on this page give details.

Historical Geography

There was, anciently, a parish called Dundurcas, which lay on either side of the River Spey. In 1788, it was "suppressed", and that part of its territory which lay on the east bank of the River Spey was divided between the parishes of Boharm and Rothes. The major part, which was deemed to lie in the county of Moray, was transferred to Boharm, but the small area around Aikenway which was held to be part of Banffshire, was assigned to Rothes. On 1st May 1891, this area of Rothes was transferred to the county of Moray. This anomaly is probably of only academic interest, as the whole of the OPRs, civil records of Births, Deaths and Marriages for the parish are now catalogued under Moray.

Names, Geographical

Places affected: Aikenway, Boat of Aikenway, Lower Aikenway, Upper Aikenway, Brockholes, Sheriffhaugh.

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